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BOOK. "The Geopolitics of Europe. From the Atlantic to the Urals"

G-F Dumont, P. Verluise, "The Geopolitics of Europe. From the Atlantic to the Urals", ed. Diploweb, via AMAZON.




Since the start of the 21st century, Europe, the region that extends from the Atlantic Ocean to Russia, has been the theatre of new rivalries. A prerequisite for any proper study of these new power plays is a precise knowledge of the geographical characteristics and recent history of Europe, an ongoing story of division, reunification and dissent. To fully understand the geopolitical parameters of Europe we must also decipher the European Union, its assets, contradictions and weaknesses. Further, we need to analyse the other components of Europe, be they candidates for EU membership or countries that have rejected the opportunity to join, as well as the jockeying for the spoils of the former USSR, particularly Ukraine. To understand these battles we need to understand the strategy of Russia, a nation that is paradoxical but thirsty for power. Finally, the analysis offers nine prospective geopolitical scenarios illustrating the challenges facing Europe going forward. An analysis of the challenges facing the European Union with a historical perspective and an examination of how the EU operates on the political and administrative levels. Nine prospective scenarios questioning the geopolitical future of Europe in a world where new powers are emerging. Gérard-François Dumont is Professor at Paris-Sorbonne University, director of the review Population & Avenir and Vice President of the Académie de géopolitique de Paris Pierre Verluise lectures at Paris-Sorbonne University and is director of the Diploweb.com Web site




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