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CfA MAEIS - European Integration and Global Studies

Organisateur :

CIFE - IEEI, Institut européen European Institute

Type :


Date de début :

11.06.2018 à 08h00

Date de fin :

01.08.2018 à 08h00

Descriptif :

Master in Advanced European and International Studies - European Integration and Global Studies, anglophone programme.

"Learning and living Europe"

Study Europe and International Relations in three different cities in one year.

Venues : Nice - Berlin – Istanbul/Rome

Modalités de participation :

The Master in Advanced European and International Studies (MAEIS) is a one-year graduate programme, aimed at students who have already completed a first degree (minimum three years of study at university level). Its objective is to give students an overarching, encompassing vision of the political, social, economic, and cultural problems of today’s modern world. The MAEIS European Integration and Global Studies programme is taught in english and prepares students for professional life. We are in close contact with international organisations, European institutions and other actors of the European political scene. High-ranking civil servants, diplomats and experts contribute to our teaching and acquaint the students with their daily work patterns in these organisations. Students study in three different cities over the academic year. The programme of the academic year starts off in Berlin. After three months, students move on to study in Nice (France). In April student can choose whether they want to study in Rome or Istanbul. situation, they will either continue their studies in ISTANBUL at our Partner Istanbul Bilgi University (where the programme is established since 2005). Should the local situation not allow it, the programme would continue for the last three months in ROME, where CIFE has a long-term partnership the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and has a collaboration agreement with the LUISS School of Government. Teaching comprises five main modules: - Conflict and cooperation in the international system - European integration and external action - Federalism and multi-level governance - Economy, globalisation and sustainable development - Professional Skills Workshops Application deadline : 30 June of the current year.

Lieu :

81, rue de France

06000 Nice

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